Trading Companies

The different trading companies or factions in the Sea of Thieves provide you with quests to complete for rewards.

From the Sea of Thieves website:

[Throughout the Sea of Thieves] you'll find representatives of various Companies ranging from legitimate businesses to secret societies.

These Companies have their own reasons for braving the Sea of Thieves, and will be only too happy to reward crews willing to undertake dangerous work on their behalf.

Trading Companies

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Athena's Fortune

Legendary Voyages for the pirate legends and their crews

Bilge Rats

Catching rumours and running limited time events

Gold Hoarders

The oldest of the known Trading Companies, the Gold Hoarders were formed in the distant past from some of the first fortune hunters to strike it lucky on the Sea of Thieves.

Merchant Alliance

The business-minded Merchant Alliance seeks goods from all over the Sea of Thieves. Only if you can deliver them on time, though.

Order of Souls

The mystical members of the Order of Souls are seeking rare artifacts from dangerous locations over the sea.