Patch 1.4.4 Update Summary

This week's update includes three new Mercenary Voyages, new ship cosmetics, changes to the Merchant Alliance and some more combat tweaks.

Update Summary

View the official release notes here.

  • Three new mercenary voyages
  • New ship items - The Wandering Reaper
  • Merchant Alliance voyages are now easier and give significantly higher rewards

Mercenary Voyages

The three new Mercenary Voyages are:

  • Reaper's Run of Wanderers Refuge
  • Mercenary Voyage of the Ancient Isles
  • Mercenary Voyage of the Wilds

The Reaper's Run voyage sends everyone to Wanderers Refuge for an intense experience. Completing five of these voyages with your Reaper's Mark flag raised will unlock the Legendary Reaper of Wanderers Refuge commendation.

You need to complete this commendation to buy the Wandering Reaper ship items.

Merchant Alliance Changes

The Merchant Alliance has had a little bit of a revamp and is now much more rewarding.

  • Animals and Cargo now give significantly higher rewards.
  • Cargo Runs now have shorter distances for delivery destinations.
  • Cargo is now significantly easier to keep in perfect condition.

Combat changes

  • If you miss an attack with your sword, there will now be a small delay before you can attack again. You may still move around freely.
  • Fixed a bug where sword attacks could still hit you when you are blocking.
  • Fixed a bug with hit registration. "When rapidly firing a weapon ... [the] bullet would not be correctly registered ... and would trigger the hit marker without applying damage."

Notable fixes and improvements

  • Treasure in the water will now float for much longer.
  • Fixes to locations pirates, chests and items could get stuck.
  • Many visual and sound fixes.
  • Improved loading time
  • Improved voice chat stability with many players

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