Developer Update - 30th January 2019

In this week's update we hear more about weapon balancing and changes to cross-platform play coming with the Arena update.

Weapon balancing

As talked about previously, the concept of "double shot" or "double gunning" (firing two guns almost instantly) is not intended and will be removed via combat changes.

Other changes will be made to tweak the balance of weapons and ensure that each weapon has its own identity and usefulness.

Cross-play options

A new option for cross-platform play will be included in time for the Arena update.

When entering the game (either Adventure mode or Arena mode), players on Xbox who are using a controller will choose one of the following options:

  1. To only play with other players on Xbox who are using a controller
  2. To play with anyone (i.e. normal cross-play, Xbox and PC, regardless of input device)

You may still play in exactly the same way as you do now, whether you're on Xbox or PC. It's probably an important option to have when playing the new competitive Arena mode.

It's also worth noting that keyboard and mouse support for Xbox is being worked on.

Check out the full video:

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