The Anniversary Update is here! Patch 2.0 Summary

The long awaited "Mega Update" has arrived!

Update Summary

We recommend you check out the official release notes for more details on the new additions to the game.

Tall Tales - Shores of Gold

Embark on new story quests filled with new items, lore, islands and more.

Grand adventures, vast riches to plunder, ancient secrets to uncover… stories of piracy and wild encounters on the waves. The Sea of Thieves is bigger and stranger than anyone knows. Tall Tales – Shores of Gold brings this pirate world into even more vibrant focus, leading you deep into long-lost legend and mystery. Are you ready to follow our trail of tales?

We won't be adding Tall Tales items to the site for a while, to avoid unwanted spoilers.

The Arena

A whole new game mode focusing on player versus player action. Enter The Arena and compete to collect the most treasure. Earn the Glorious Sea Dog cosmetic items.

Experience the thrill of competition and engage in explosive encounters in The Arena – a place dedicated to contests of seafaring skill on the Sea of Thieves! The proudest pirates love to show off their abilities and The Arena is the ideal place for it. Trust in your crew and test your mettle in this dedicated new game mode.

The Hunter's Call

A new trading company, fishing and cooking!

Pirate bard Merrick, a true survivor of the Sea of Thieves, has decided to build on his experiences by founding a new Trading Company known as The Hunter’s Call. This ragtag band boasts experts in hunting, fishing and cooking and would like all pirates to master the same skills. Handsome rewards await those who can catch the rarest creatures and cook the finest dishes!

Fishing rods are not on the site yet; you can look at them at any outpost in game.

Ship damage

The capstan, mast and wheel of your ship now take damage in combat! You'll need to repair them if they get damaged.


Each ship now has two harpoons at the front. Use them to latch on to enemy ships, navigate around rocks, or pick up chests and even other pirates!

Other new items

The Parrot cosmetic item set is available to all pirates. Buy the items from any outpost.

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