New content & events

Cargo Runs GuideHow to get Cargo Runs and complete them
Forsaken Shores Commendations GuideHow to complete the Forsaken Shores commendations.
Cannon, Capstan and Wheel ItemsFind out where to buy the new ship cosmetics
Mercenary Voyage of the Rum Runner - Loyal to the CoinHow to get a Mercenary Voyage and complete Loyal to the Coin


Skeleton FortsA guide to Skull Forts for new pirates
Skeleton Ships GuideWhere to find and how to kill skeleton ships
Beginner Sailing TipsLearn some basic tips for getting around and fighting in the Sea of Thieves.
MegalodonsInformation about the roaming Megalodons
Alliance SystemLearn how to team up with other crews, share voyages and share your loot.
Uncharted IslandsFind and explore the uncharted islands

Previous Events

Gunpowder Skeletons EventThe Bilge Rats have a few challenges for you involving new Gunpowder Skeletons.
Skeleton Thrones EventNeed help finding all ten Skeleton Thrones?
Sunken Curse EventSearch underwater for Mermaid Statues and destroy them to break the curse
Cursed Sails EventRead about content in the upcoming Cursed Sails update.
Cursed Sails Quest GuideFollow a trail to find the source of the skeleton scourge
Cursed Crews GuideSkeleton crews, Cursed cannonballs and Reaper Flag
Forsaken Shores Cosmetics and ItemsHow to get the new item sets and time-limited items