New game mode The Arena announced, plus more info about Shrouded Spoils

posted a year ago12 Nov 2018 13:00 (UTC)

As more information comes out about the next two major updates, we'll update this post.

Pages dedicated to each update will be up soon.

Shrouded Spoils

Shrouded Spoils fog

The Shrouded Spoils update focuses on existing content and quality of life changes. It adds some much requested improvements and additions to the game.

Shrouded Spoils will be released "at the end of November".

Key features

  • Skeleton Ships will now appear in the world / free roam (as well as the existing fights).
  • Kraken and Megalodon encounters now drop loot.
  • A new super Explosive Barrel that is 3 times more powerful. It will even damage your own ship if it explodes in the crow's nest.
  • More ship customization options. Capstan (anchor), cannons and Wheel cosmetic items.
  • Encounter fog in the world for an eery experience, making it difficult to navigate.

The Arena

The Arena announcement trailer

A new focused PvP game mode, separate from the regular "Adventure" mode. You'll choose which mode you want to play in before loading into the game.

The Arena is coming in 2019.

  • A short, focused game mode where 20-30 minute sessions are viable.
  • Compete with other crews on a competitive treasure hunt. The crew that turns in the most treasure is the winner. All crews receive the same treasure maps.
  • New faction, Scurvy Dogs, with new item rewards.
  • The Scurvy Dog's Tavern will be a social hub for The Arena. It will also be a location to visit in Adventure Mode.
  • Progression carries between both modes.
  • Rare are aware of concerns about splitting the playerbase. They are comitted to encouraging people to play both modes. Updates to either mode will often bring benefits to the other mode. Some new systems in The Arena were referenced as being of benefit to Adventure mode as well.

Patch 1.3.2 - Festival of the Damned

posted a year ago31 Oct 2018 16:00 (UTC)

It's Halloween and the Festival of the Damned has come to the Sea of Thieves!

This spooky event includes some new time-limited cosmetics, makeup customization and many bug fixes and improvements.

Patch Summary

View the full patch notes here.

If you want to see the new time-limited items, you can see them here

Festival of the Damned event

Celebrate the Ferryman in this new festival.

On the Ferry of the Damned, the Well of Fates has been revealed. It produces a different coloured light depending on the way your pirate has perished. Use your lantern to capture the flame so you can take it back to the land of the living.

  • Find the Well of Fates on the Ferry of the Damned and use your lantern to capture the flame.
  • Take the flame back to the living world and use it to change the lamps on your ship.
  • Find twelve large lamps hidden around the world and light them to complete more commendations.
  • There are 110 Doubloons available from commendations.

Makeup customization option

  • You can now add makeup to your pirate's face!
  • There are many makeup options available to buy in each region of the world. Make sure to visit all the different clothing shops.

Gameplay changes

  • Storms will be more violent for the duration of the Festival of the Damned. Watch out!
  • Higher chance to find valuable loot in the Devil's Roar!
  • The Eye of Reach reload now matches its animation. You won't accidentally cancel the reload so much anymore.
  • Quality of life improvements to row boats and cargo

Fixes and improvements

There are many small fixes in this patch, these are some of the most important.

  • Loading times have improved greatly
  • Overall performance should be better with new physics updates
  • Significant improvements to server migrations, especially around Skeleton Ship battles.
  • Many VFX improvements/bugfixes

Festival of the Damned coming on 31st October 2018

posted a year ago19 Oct 2018 07:22 (UTC)

Festival of the Damned is the next Bilge Rat Adventure. It will be released on 31st October 2018.

What is the Festival of the Damned?

We don't know much, but we learned from NYCC that it's a festival celebrating the Ferryman on the Ferry of the Damned.

  • The Ferry of the Damned will have a "Well of Fates" (pictured above). It's a flame that changes color based on how players have died recently.
  • You can 'gather' a Flame of Fate from the Well of Fates with your lantern. Then you use this to decorate your ship and light beacons around the sea to celebrate the festival.
  • It sounds like this might be a yearly event.
  • Makeup will be added to the game! See some examples below.

Makeup Festival of the Damned

It sounds like it will be a small event with lots of dying involved that brings everyone together on the Ferry.

When will it be released?

The Festival of the Damned will be released on 31st October 2018. This will bring the Forsaken Shores campaign to an end, meaning you will no longer be able to buy Forsaken Ashes Weapons and Ship items.

Patch 1.3.1 Summary

posted a year ago10 Oct 2018 16:00 (UTC)

This week's patch introduces Cargo Runs!

Cargo Runs are a new type of voyage for the Merchant Alliance. Read more about them here.


  • New voyage - Cargo Run.
  • Athena's Fortune voyages will now always include Cargo Runs.
  • Better Skeleton Ship rewards - defeating skeleton ships now rewards a total of 8 valuable items instead of 4.

Notable fixes and improvements

  • Many bug fixes for row boats
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes in Devil's Roar.

Developer Update 3rd October 2018

posted a year ago3 Oct 2018 16:28 (UTC)

Watch the latest developer update on YouTube


  • Rare are monitoring feedback on the frequency of volcanoes, etc. and will make changes if needed
  • Issues with completing the Devil's Voyager commendations are being looked into.
  • Details of the next Bilge Rat Adventure will be released soon at New York Comic Con.