Developer Update - 30th January 2019

posted a year ago30 Jan 2019 17:30 (UTC)

In this week's update we hear more about weapon balancing and changes to cross-platform play coming with the Arena update.

Weapon balancing

As talked about previously, the concept of "double shot" or "double gunning" (firing two guns almost instantly) is not intended and will be removed via combat changes.

Other changes will be made to tweak the balance of weapons and ensure that each weapon has its own identity and usefulness.

Cross-play options

A new option for cross-platform play will be included in time for the Arena update.

When entering the game (either Adventure mode or Arena mode), players on Xbox who are using a controller will choose one of the following options:

  1. To only play with other players on Xbox who are using a controller
  2. To play with anyone (i.e. normal cross-play, Xbox and PC, regardless of input device)

You may still play in exactly the same way as you do now, whether you're on Xbox or PC. It's probably an important option to have when playing the new competitive Arena mode.

It's also worth noting that keyboard and mouse support for Xbox is being worked on.

Check out the full video:

Developer Update - 23rd January 2019

posted a year ago23 Jan 2019 22:00 (UTC)

We'll hear about future plans on 5th February, one day before the next update.

Weapon changes incoming; Smaller game size

posted a year ago16 Jan 2019 18:00 (UTC)

In today's developer update we learned that some weapon balancing will be included in the next patch, mainly to address "double gunning".

We hope that whatever the changes are will make fighting more fun for everyone!

It was also mentioned that the size of the game installation will be reduced, in some cases up to 50% smaller.

This is your advance warning that you will have to re-download the game in February's first update. While it will be much smaller in size, you may need to plan in advance if you have a slow or metered internet connection.

Patch 1.4.2 Summary

posted a year ago3 Jan 2019 20:00 (UTC)

This small update includes some small improvements and bug ixes.

Update summary

View the official release notes here.

Gilded voyages can no longer be purchased. Sorry if you missed your chance!

Notable bugfixes and improvements

  • More loading time improvements.
  • You can now increase the size of the text chat in the game options.
  • All loot in the Kraken Watchtower fort can now be picked up.
  • You will receive credit for Kraken kills while on the Ferry of the Damned.

Shrouded Spoils Update - 1.4.0 Patch Summary

posted a year ago28 Nov 2018 15:15 (UTC)

The next major update, Shrouded Spoils, is here!

The Shrouded Spoils update includes additions to existing content and quality of life improvements. There are many new items and commendations to earn.

Update summary

View the official release notes here.

Shrouded Spoils commendations and time-limited items

  • Earn commendations for a wide variety of activities. The commendations will stay forever.
  • There are up to 355 Doubloons to earn from Shrouded Spoils commendations.
  • The Wailing Barnacle ship set is bought with doubloons and is time-limited.

Wailing Barnacle Ship

Ship customization

  • New ship cosmetic items: customize your ship's wheel, cannons and capstan (anchor).
  • New ship sets/items include: Kraken, Ocean Crawler, Bone Crusher, Admiral, Sea Dog, and Sovereign. You buy them from the shipwright at various outposts.

Visit our Items page to see the new items

Admiral Cannons

New Kraken and Megalodon encounters

  • Krakens and Megalodons now drop loot!
  • There are four different Megalodons with new models. One of them, the Shrouded Ghost, is rare to find.
  • The Kraken has new attacks and will be harder to defeat
  • The Kraken will now attack Sloops. Watch out!

New Skeleton Forts

  • Six more skeleton forts have been activated.
  • Skeleton Forts may reward you with Bone Dust, an item sold to the Merchant Alliance.
  • Skeleton Forts may reward you with a Stronghold Gunpowder Keg. This is four times more more explosive than normal, and sells for a lot of gold.

Stronghold Loot

Roaming Skeleton Ships

  • Skeleton Ships will now roam the sea (as well as being a raid underneath the Skeleton Ship Cloud).
  • You can now encounter Skeleton Sloops!

Skeleton Sloop


You can now encounter Fog in the game. Take extra care as you can't see very far at sea.


Pirate Legends

  • New items - capstan, wheel and cannons can now be bought in the hideout. You can also buy a compass, lantern, tankard, shovel, spyglass, and pocket watch.
  • Pirate Legend commendations - a variety of new commendations for Pirate Legends and Athena voyages.

General gameplay

  • The Devil's Roar has been rebalanced. Volcanoes will erupt less often, and rocks will hit your ship less often. This should mean you don't have to spend as long waiting and can take more risks.
  • New Bilge Rat commendations screen. Commendations are grouped by event, and it's easier to see what you haven't completed.
  • Mermaid Statues can be found underwater again and they now drop loot when destroyed.
  • Many achievements have been rebalanced and are now easier to complete. Players who completed these achievements prior to this change will receive a unique reward in a few weeks.
  • Gunpowder Kegs will now damage the Kraken.
  • It is easier to push and dock/undock rowboats.

Notable bugfixes and improvements

  • Various Kraken fixes.
  • Various server migration fixes.
  • Various Skeleton Ship fixes.